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Welcome to Day 2 of the 'Pathways to Power
7 Day Advancing Your Position Workshop’



Day 2:  The Problem Solver

Life throws curve balls. They come from all directions, expected and unexpected. They never solve on their own. As I am sure you have experienced, it snowballs into a much bigger problem. Suddenly, a large boulder crushes you. If you address it from the beginning it is smaller and easier to control.

Welcome to Day 2, becoming a Problem Solver.

Advancing your position relies on how determined you are to find an
answer to any challenge that you face.  Too often, the common response
to a difficult situation is “there is nothing I can do about it”.

Well, I am here to declare that there is always a solution.  There is
always a way to get what you need, want or desire.

If you believe that there is nothing that you can do, you have impaired your position.  If you can become a Problem Solver, each day becomes an opportunity to advance.

Today we will discover the ways to become prepared for any possible occurrence. Overtime, you will be able to respond to any situation; it puts you in control. Therefore, emotional people and hurdles do not surprise or consume you.  Today, we are going to take charge of YOUR future.




Address it: Problems can be unexpected. During these times, we find ourselves in shock and unable to think. The very first step is to notice a problem when it has arrived.

Don’t ignore it.


Be conscious and aware of its participation in your life. How is it affecting you immediately? How will it affect your future? Answering these questions will make you understand that there is a problem. I will not let you float through life.




Commitment: The most import step to becoming a Problem Solver is committing to the discovery of a solution. If something gets in your way, do not walk around it. It will come back over and over again.

Instead, commit to finding a solution. Never accept doubt. There is always a way to address the situation and there is always an answer.



‘Most people spend more time and energy going

 around problems than in trying to solve them’

~Henry Ford


Being a good problem solver means becoming creative. Think out of the box. If you are dealing with an irritable boss, don’t just attack him or shy away. Perhaps, you will need to make a strategy to prove your worth. This can be staying late, creating a new format, participating more or asking tough questions.

Find out what the issue is. What is needed to solve the problem? There is no need to just argue. Simply note what is missing and fulfill it. This may take longer than a conversation. In the end, it will diminish the problem all together.


As you continue to practice addressing, committing and creating, you will turn into a Problem Solver. This will grant you unique advantages. You will be able to solve an issue on the spot. This opens time for you to focus on productive, meaningful tasks. You won’t waste time or be consumed with the day-to-day obstacles life hands us.

Remember, taking action to solve the problem puts you ahead of the rest who would rather ignore it.  This alone advances your position.  Also, the smallest problems are the ones that are the most destructive. They slowly build and suddenly, crush us.

Resolve to take on each problem before and when it begins. Each problem solved makes you more alert and capable. Each day, then advances your position.


To Your Abundant Success,


Laura Roman Lopez

Pathways To Power, LLC




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