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Welcome to Day 3 of the 'Pathways to Power
7 Day Advancing Your Position Workshop’

Day 3:  Corner the Market

Our main objective of this workshop is to discuss how to turn each day into a stepping-stone; yesterday prepares you for today. Each day should take you one step closer to your goals or ambitions. One major roadblock on the path to advancement is that while your energy may be focused on success, your skills are probably not.

This is usually because we try to do too much and spread ourselves and our businesses too thin. It comes to a point where we are adequate in a number of areas, but are not standout in any one. Being spread like this will overwhelm you and inhibit your ability to grow from the present day’s lesson.

We’re going to kick that habit out the door.

Today, I want to discuss the value in honing your skills. Focusing on one specific talent will allow you to dominate that niche. This way, when someone thinks about the product or creation, they think of you.

Let’s get started.


You are talented. I know it, other people know it and you know it. Let’s think about the things you excel in. Think about what you enjoy doing and what you are recognized for.

What do you spend most of your free time on?

What can always raise your spirits?

What motivates you?

What talents do others notice?

Ignoring these gifts is like ignoring a pile of gold. They are your tools and the leg up you have on the rest of the world, and more importantly your competition. Your skills have already been handed to you. Now it is your job, to apply them in the market place.

Everyone knows Babe Ruth as one of the best baseball players of all time. However, did you know he started his career as a pitcher? By pitching and batting in the same games he was spreading himself too thin. Babe Ruth focused his skills and stopped pitching when he was traded to the NY Yankees. With his focus on batting, he made history.

Now that you have found what you are good at. Let’s develop and expand upon it. Understand your talents and their role in your life. Perhaps people tell you, that your graphic design skills are like nothing they have seen before. What do you do? Of course, you focus your business on graphic design, rather than simply using it to holster another business idea.

Research what the competition is doing and where their talents fall short.

Are they skilled? Is there a niche, within the niche? Look at what they are missing and what you have. Use this as your starting point and pick up their slack. Perhaps you noticed not many Graphic Designers provided personalized work. You would begin by offering personalization, while honing your skills as an artist.


Stay on top of what is new. Don’t fall behind. As you begin to corner the market in your niche, you need to understand the new technologies that are available. Use new technology and think out of the box. What can you create? Remember, technology advances everyday. So can you. Your position relies on how you approach the day.


When you target a specific talent, you give yourself more momentum to succeed. This then, allows you to focus on honing these skills. As you begin to enhance what talent you already have, you stand out from the crowd. Be the 800-pound gorilla in your niche market.

To Your Abundant Success,

Laura Roman Lopez

Pathways To Power, LLC


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