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Day 4:  Two Steps Ahead


The economy is volatile. No one can truly predict what real estate or the stock market is going to do in the days, months or years to come. We can have an opinion or take an educated guess. Either way, the outcome is uncertain and whether you like to admit it or not, you are apart of it.


If you choose to ignore it and just continue in the direction you are- drifting along, you will remain idle. Imagine running in place; it’s the same thing.


Let’s pick up the speed.


There are people who attempt the “think one step ahead” theory. When dedicated this theory can prove successful and benefit the driven individual. Remember though, many people are taking this one step.


What if you take it one more step?


You want to be as innovative as possible. Being just one step ahead still puts in you in competition with a large pool of people. If you can extend another level, there is less competition and more opportunity to advance.



The world revolves whether we participate or not. The weather will change and the economy will fluctuate. We can however, control the way we think, prepare and react.

Don’t just go with the flow. As you sit at your desk, building your business model or creating your daily goals, think about the possible outcomes. What are the possible results from each task? What do you have to gain or lose? This takes you one step ahead of everyone else. It gives you the advantage to be equipped, aware and observant to what lays ahead.

Now, for the additional step.

Let’s imagine that an executive position in your company has become available. Your first step would be to think about what is required of that position and how to become that role. Now, surely there will be other individuals doing the same thing.

How do you take the extra step?

Find out who will be making that decision. What kind of characteristics are they personally looking to fill that position? Who works with the decision maker? Can they help you get the inside scoop?

The second step should always be a creative extension of your first step. Reach out further; there will be less to compete against and more opportunity to take advantage of.

“The great successful men of the world have used their imaginations…they think ahead and create their mental picture, and they go to work materializing that picture in all its details, filling in here, adding a little there, altering this a bit and that a bit, but steadily building.”

~Robert Collier


Use action to implement these steps. Don’t just think about it. First, understand what actions are required to be two steps ahead of the rest.


These can range from small detailed tasks to a simple conversation. Whatever, the steps may be, be sure they apply to your goal.


Acting two steps ahead of the rest will increase your confidence and chances for advancement. It puts you on a pedestal that other successful, achieved individuals can recognize.




Going with the flow will leave you stagnate and consumed by the daily grind. Be creative and innovative. Take a step to place yourself above the rest. Then, extend that one more time to excel even further. This will give you continuous momentum and advantage with advancing forward.



To Your Abundant Success,


Laura Roman Lopez

Pathways To Power, LLC




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