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Welcome to Day 5 of the 'Pathways to Power
7 Day Advancing Your Position Workshop’


Day 5: Do the Opposite of the Mass


Advancing your position relies on how you address everyday situations. Your response either hinders or helps you move a step ahead. If you follow the response of the mass, you just blend into the crowd. It gives you absolutely no advantage.


Think about the stock market.


One of the most important investing phrases is, buy on rumor sell on news. The idea is to buy BEFORE the crowd and sell on the mass popularity. The more people trying to buy a stock, the higher the price will rise.  You want to stay away from buying with the mass. Instead, you do the opposite and make a profit.


I want you to begin thinking about what doing the opposite of the mass means. When you can implement this every day, more opportunities will come your way. It gives you the chance to stand out of the crowd and make your own mark.





If you are at the grocery store and there are two lines packed with people, would you go on the longer line? Probably not. More than likely, you would check to see what line is the shortest or how many groceries are in each cart. You wouldn’t just jump on the longest line because everyone else was there.


You wouldn’t follow the crowd when it comes to piling on a grocery line, why would you for any other situation?


Think about walking away from what everyone else is doing. Whether we know it or not, following the crowd is just a form of insecurity. It seems safer to just do what everyone else is doing. Instead, be daring and vulnerable. It may seem unnatural at first but in the end will benefit you greatly.



Take Action!


Going the other direction than the rest may sound unconventional. It is, but will work for you! Use today as a test. Do the opposite of the rest. Note your experience.


What positive outcome was there?

Did you learn something new?

How did it feel to stand out, to be unique?


I am positive that you will have learned a great deal and will be on your way to tremendously advancing your position.


Doing the opposite of the mass will help you advance not only your position at work or increase opportunities but will lead you to a more enlightening experience. This doesn’t have to apply just for decisions.


Think a little further.


You are at home, everyone had a bad day and seems to be sulking and screaming. Negativity is being passed around like a plague. Decide to do the opposite. Don’t scream, whisper. You will notice that when you whisper at a screaming person, they will need to lower their voice to hear you. Start a cycle of positive energy. It will spread to those around you.



When we try things out of the norm, we discover new aspects of our environment and ourselves. Don’t go with the flow, become a divergent wave and crash past boundaries. Jackson Pollack painted from his heart and mind, creating bold, new work, unlike any other painter. Although the critics were harsh at first and he was frightened, Pollack continued his powerful expression and became a legend of the art world.

Routine is healthy but become too caught up in it and you will become static and never reach your potential. Break routine, try a new way of dealing with your day. Replace regular tasks with risks, for without risk, there is no advancement. You have the ability to make each day a monumental moment. Do it! 


To Your Abundant Success,


Laura Roman Lopez

Pathways To Power, LLC




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