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Welcome to Day 6 of the 'Pathways to Power
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Day 6:  Find the Source; Cut Out the Middle Man


As a revolutionary thinker, you will find that conflicts will continue to rise. At some point issues will confront you. There will be problems to solve and people to negotiate with. If you speak to the gatekeepers, you will get lost in the system.


You are a successful individual. I will not allow you to get snagged on pebbles. You will scale mountains.


Instead of getting caught up speaking with individuals with little authority, we are going to focus on speaking with the source. It takes the reins from someone who has no motive to help you. You take the lead. When speaking to the source, you make the standards and rules. It is your game; don’t let someone take the ball from your court.




From today going forward you will avoid frustration. You will save time and energy by eliminating the middleman. If you are having difficulty with a product or service, don't call the 800-number. As you know, this number only leads to unbearable wait times, maddening automated systems, and frustrating customer service representatives. Most of the time, you end up with little solved, part of the day wasted and more to accomplish.




Take five minutes to Google the company. Find a marketing manager or principal's direct number, and call that person. You want to talk to the person who has the answers and can deliver them directly to you. When dealing with a product, this isn’t only efficient but also, the most cost effective.


Don’t worry about offending the middle person either.  They are trained

in very specific tasks and cannot be effective in thinking out of the box as

a manager would.  Thank them and move straight up to the person who

is going to get the job done.


Project yourself.


Be confident, speak clearly, organize your thoughts, and your questions will be answered. Your concerns will be dealt with in no time flat.  The more confident you sound, the more likely you are to receive the desired response.  The clearer you are, the faster you will receive it.



Cold Callers in any industry cannot close a deal with a lead’s assistant. Instead they find creative ways to get the individual on the phone. Perhaps, they know what time the assistant arrives. They call the hour before, ensuring a direct connection with the source. Once the opportunity arises, they pitch like their life depends on it and close the sale.



Your life is too valuable to waste waiting on the phone and stressing over

insignificant problems. Don't allow the small things to hold you back; address them immediately. Think out of the box. If you are trying to make a sale, purchase a product or start a joint business venture:


    - Search for the company.
    - Go to their contacts page.
    - Find the person with the highest position.
    - Organize your thoughts and write them down.
    - Call that person directly.
    - Be confident and sound important.


It is much easier to slide down a mountain than to trudge your way up it. Start small. Be sure you are prepared to communicate your thoughts clearly.


Action to be effective must be directed to clearly conceived ends.

~Jawaharlal Nehru


You cannot advance your position, if you hand the controls over to someone else. Don’t just speak to the middlemen, talk to those who can benefit you directly. Get into the driver’s seat and accelerate into the life you want. Go directly to the source, find what you are looking for and move on to the next task. This continues the momentum and doesn’t slow you down. It leads you to more opportune paths.



To Your Abundant Success,


Laura Roman Lopez

Pathways To Power, LLC





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