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Welcome to Day 7 of the 'Pathways to Power
7 Day Advancing Your Position E-Course’



Day 7: Memorize Canned Responses


Today is the last day of your momentum-building workshop. This workshop was meant to give you the tools to turn each day into a stepping-stone. You should always be climbing a new level. We are forward thinking, forward acting and driven individuals.


Lying dormant is not an option.


We are missing one tool that ties all of this week's work together. You have learned how to solve problems, stay 2 steps ahead, stand out from the crowd and hone your skills to make every day an opportunity to advance further.


What is one instantaneous temptation that can distract us from moving forward?


Before I tell you, think about all the people in your life. I am sure there is a boss, a business associate or a family member that knows how to push your buttons. They know the right moment to send you storming off, far from any goals you have in your future.


Know the answer?


Emotional response. We can fall subject to impulsive reactions to situations or other people around us. It is a temptation that most of us fall pray to.


Take control today!


A great way to master your life is by memorizing canned responses.


Canned responses allow you to have a healthy initial response and give you the time you need to make the correct decision. You can avoid unprofessional, emotion driven reactions by replacing them with calm, efficient phrases.





Take Action!


Take today to think about situations in which you have overreacted or inappropriately responded. More than likely, you lost some dignity, an opportunity or a chance to really prove your self worth. Let’s reverse those effects.


1- List situations in which you have had inappropriate reactions. What negative affects did they have on your future? What new obstacles rose from these choices?


2- List positive reactions. What could you have said that would have taken you a step closer to your goals? What response would define your moral code?


Use these responses as your canned codes. These will guide you in the right direction when impulse or emotion tempts you to act out of character. Use these codes to keep your momentum steady and flowing.




We all say things we wish we hadn't. Canned responses help you avoid these moments. It is beneficial to have a canned response for whenever someone insults you. Think about a response like, excuse me, that was uncalled for. I'd appreciate an apology. This type of response demonstrates maturity and self worth, without escalating the situation. Canned responses can be used in any situation, from a disrespectful boss to an angry cashier.


Remember, all canned responses are positive. Even if you use one for every single situation, it will give you time to think about the problem without getting wrapped in emotion. You have the advantage to control the moment.



Each day is an opportunity for you to succeed. Approach the day with excitement. It is your shot to move steps ahead of the rest. It is your chance to shine brighter than you ever have. You can master each day in your life. Each day adds up to a week, a month, a year and soon a lifetime. Make each moment a forward momentum. Your goals are always within reach.


Keep up the hard work.


To Your Abundant Success,


Laura Roman Lopez

Pathways To Power, LLC



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