If you read this from this point to
the end, you can make your
dreams a reality!


A lot of get-rich-quick books (and even audiobooks) offer numerous tips on how to do this, how to put up that, how to target this, how to market that, etc. These practical tips are indeed helpful. I also have those tips in my other programs. But this time, as your Wealth Creation Strategist, I just want you to stop, sit down, tap into that energy source and gain wealth you have never thought that you will have. Impossible? I assure you, if I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. You can too!

Learn how understanding your vibrations
can lead to the realization of your wants,
the fulfillment of your needs
and the manifestation of your dreams.

Dear Manifesting Friend,

Let me first thank you for spending time reading this letter. It is true, my friend. This is a sales letter, but not just only a sales letter. It is a letter that will give you friendly tips on how you can realize your dreams starting from inaction. Yes, you read it right: INACTION! NO, I am not condoning laziness. It’s just that my strategies are unique that it assures you to attract wealth if you follow these steps:

  1. INACTION: The first step emphasizes the importance of meditation as instrumental to acquiring wealth.

  2. ACTION: This next step expects proper execution of tips to ensure the smooth flow of operations and, consequently, wealth.
  1. INTERACTION: After putting into action the varied steps to attract wealth, interacting with your fellow entrepreneurs and me as your guide will establish a positive camaraderie that can attract wealth more easily.

  2. SATISFACTION: The last step spells out the fulfillment of our goals. This also allows the expansion of your goals. Say you aimed to earn $25,000 per month. You may go beyond your current goal and aim for a higher one. This will lead us back to step 1.

It is interesting indeed. The fact, however, is this: Most self-help books or motivational talks are more focused on the ACTION, the INTERACTION and the SATISFACTION parts, but not on the INACTION or MEDITATION part.

This is what sets my methodology apart from my colleagues. Yes, I realize the value of diligence in action, the cooperation in interaction and the happiness in satisfaction. But I also value how important it is to vibrate your energy and channel it in your actions. This is meditation.

I am new in the online marketing industry and I believe I made the right decision to be in this industry. What convinced me to spend my time and money on this industry was the Manifesting Reality Exposed program of Laura Roman Lopez. I was convinced that I have the energy to manifest my dreams by channeling this energy.
Thank you, Laura

Tanya Olsen


Before I give you more details about the value of vibrations, you must agree to any or a combination of any of the following facts:

  • You are willing to learn and apply the techniques to the achievement of your goals.
  • You are open to different, yet new ideas and information.
  • Since these are different ideas, you will feel discomfort.
  • And since these are interesting and true ideas, you are willing to bear the discomfort.
  • You are confronted with choices on how to make a living.
  • You are aware that one of these choices includes entrepreneurship.
  • You make your decisions on which techniques, strategies and secrets to experiment on.
  • You try the program because you feel that you will be well-informed as a result.
  • You want to share these lessons to a family member, a friend or a colleague.
  • In this very informative program, I can help you by tapping into your energy sources and channeling your energy to the fulfillment of your goals.
  • The program is so affordable; it’s worth every cent.

These eleven statements are true. This program will make you aware of your discomforts on present issues and decisions to make; more so, let me help accept these discomforts, convert them to positive energy, honor this energy and channel them to fulfill your dreams and be rich.

Positive energy attacts positive energy. It may not be a totally new knowledge, but Laura’s approach facilitated the realization of its significance to me as an online marketer. I am now a person full of positive energy attracting positive energy to a whole new vibrational level.

Rudolph Dickinson


In Manifesting Reality Exposed, I will teach you on how to connect to your energy. In fact this program is a combination of your faith and science. This program is built on the premise that everything revolves around energy. Understanding that energy is the first step to acquiring wealth and fulfilling your dreams.

This program has a systematized methodology which has been proven effective in the various forms of the educational system. These pedagogic approach will stimulate your interest, maximize your learning and help you reinforce what you have learned.

Most importantly, Manifesting Reality Exposed will provide several exercises that you can do on your own. This way you can apply the lessons in a periodic basis. These exercises are concrete and easy to follow.

I am Terry White. The part I find most valuable in the Manifesting Reality Exposed program is the practical exercises that I obediently followed. I’d say that it helped me in my online business every day.

Terry White



Aside from the basic premise, the methodology and the exercises, techniques on how inaction can lead us to success are tested very applicable and helpful in the achievement of success. These include:

I have never heard or thought of respecting energy. But when Laura introduced and taught me this concept, I think it makes sense. I have learned a lot of things in this seminar.

James Sebastien

There are no coincidences!

Having recognized the energies and understood them in a vibrational level, I believe that energies, be they positive or negative, attract the same. If you dwell on your misfortunes, you draw more disasters. But, if you shift your attention success and focus on positive energy, you will surely achieve success!

Coincidences operate on that level. No matter how psychologists term them, believe them or disprove them, coincidences are real.

Why Should You Trust Me with Your Time And Money?

I have also my shares of unfortunate events. As a senior in college, I found out that I had severe learning disability that went undetected throughout my academic career. At 22, two weeks after college graduation, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After being married for 5 years, the father of my children admitted that he was a drug addict for three of the five years, and just left. In 2005, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had a very painful and emotionally scarring life-saving operation.

Despite these misfortunes, I have realized and learned to become positive. As I begin to look at things in this new and positive perspective, I have a Masters Degree in Education specializing in Learning Disabilities. I now drive a BMW and recently bought a house worth close to a million dollars. I have a successful online business which has been profitable since the first year that I made $100,000.

As positive energy attracts positive energy and as I respect this energy, I am giving away these tips. I have been mentoring individuals in wealth creation techniques, success principles and manifesting the Universal Laws. I would like to leave a legacy. I would like to give you my legacy.

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To your abundance and success,

Laura Roman lopez
Laura Roman Lopez
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