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“You’ll be amazed at the power you wield over every aspect of your life once you master the most powerful tool you’ll ever need for success… your mind!” 

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Dear Friend,

Transforming your life is as simple as conquering your mind.   

Think about it.  Everything you do in your life – every action you take – starts with a single thought.  However, bad ideas, or negative thoughts and energies, weight you down.  They take away from your success, and hold you back from your full potential.   

Just think how successful you could be and how awesome your life would become if you could eliminate all the negative energies from your mind.  It’s like having 100 hours in a day rather than just 24 because you’ll be able to accomplish that much success! 

The Power to Transform Your Mind and Your Life is Within You!

I know you already know that.  I also know you’ve nodded your head to everything I’ve said so far simply because YOU know that if you could eliminate the self doubt you have, if you could just be more confident, more motivated, and if your thoughts could be more focused on success – not the worry of failure – you could do so many amazing things with your life!  

Wow, do I have amazing news for you today! 

You CAN do amazing things.  You can be an incredible success, even beyond your wildest imagination.  And listen.  You’re not so far away from obtaining everything you want.   

Just 3 More Small Steps Will Change YOUR Life Forever 

Thinking is believing, my friends.  Your beliefs directly relate to the amount of success you achieve.  So it just makes sense that to change your life, you must first change your mind.

Discover the 3 simple steps that will transform you into the smashing success you want to be:

  1. Motivation.  When you are motivated, all things are possible!  Success takes motivation.  Listening to your Subliminal MP3 just thirty minutes a day will motivate you for success.  You’ll even learn a trigger to motivate your motivation! 

  1. Self Confidence.  Believing isn’t seeing. It’s doing!  Boost your self confidence and open your life to all kinds of possibilities you never imagined before.  Start your own business, make more money… do anything you want when you have abundance of self confidence.  This MP3 and in-depth report will help you boost your self confidence using affirmations. 

  1. Increase Your Creativity. The creative mind is a productive mind!  When you’re more creative, you are automatically more successful because you see more avenues to take on your road to success.  This MP3 and amazing report will inspire and improve your creativity!  Nothing can stop someone who’s creative!

Three Amazing Steps Teach You to Open You Up to a World of Potential

You’ll learn:

The 6 vital criteria to planning any goal to ensure you can reach it
The shocking truth about ‘failure’ and how it should really affect you
How to load yourself up with instant motivation using a secret trigger.
The amazing ‘flaw’ in your subconscious mind that allows you to attract anything   you want
The simple method to make any goal achievable no matter how big or impossible it seems
The quick and easy trick that will boost your self confidence instantly
The inner-thought process that will turn you into your own best friend
The skill all Hollywood actors use when performing... and how you can steal it for your own gain
The 'mind game' that will ramp up your motivation just by using your imagination
  And lots more!


Why Listening to Mind Power:
Subliminal Affirmations
WILL Bring You Success and Transform Your Life 

It’s a scientific fact that when your body and mind relax, you’re able to absorb and retain more information.  By listening to the Mind Power: Subliminal Affirmations MP3, not only will you hear what it says – your conscious mind will absorb the information and implement it as part of its natural thought process!

Just think about it.  Striving for success in your life usually means added stress, but not this time!  As you listen to this amazing MP3, your mind will be transformed and an abundance of success will be closer than it ever has been – all as you relax


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kAren L.
San Antonio, TX




“I would have never thought that changing my thought process was something I could do when I was relaxed and getting ready to go to sleep, but that’s when I listened to Mind Power: Subliminal Affirmations.  My life was dragging before.  So was my career.  Now I just feel a renewed burst of energy and creativity.  I’m even going to start my own business now, something I would have never had the motivation for before.  Thanks!”

Alex P.
St. Louis, MO



Use Mind Power: Subliminal Affirmations to master the art of controlling your thoughts, self perception, and your life.

There’s nothing more important than how you feel about yourself and the thoughts that go through your mind each minute of the day.  Those two factors determine your success more than anything else – including your education level or IQ!   I know you don’t want YOU to be the only reason you’re not as successful as you could be.  Start telling yourself that you are a success.  

Start telling yourself that you’re a success today!

Listen.  There isn’t an end to your possibilities or capabilities!  You can do anything that you set your mind to!  That said, there’s no limit on the amount of success YOU can achieve.  When you fill your mind and your life with positive energies, your incredible success is guaranteed and your life will be transformed!

Yes, Laura, I Want to Unlock My Unlimited Potential and Transform My Life Into a Happy Success Story!

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Isn’t it time you relaxed and let your success come to you?

Your Friend,

Laura Roman Lopez 
Pathways To Power LLC

Laura Roman Lopez


P.S.  Remember, you’ll never see this page again, so act right away.  You don’t have time to pass up on your success!

P.S.S.  I just want to remind you that your success is guaranteed!  I want you to succeed so badly that it won’t ever cost you a penny if you don’t.