7-Day Explosive Success Workshop!

Welcome To Day 2 of the ‘Pathways To Power
7-Day Explosive Success Workshop!’

Day 2: A Million Dollar Wealth Attraction Principle

Are you ready to make an impact on your life today?

If you want to attract into your life a new home, more wealth, or better relationships, you need to understand the following Law of Attraction principle, “Like Attracts Like”.

But how do we apply this into our lives TODAY?

Here's one way - take a negative thought you have today and notice how this thought affects the type of day you have. Does 'bad luck' seem to be chasing you down a one-way street for no apparent reason?

Or is it possible that negative thought you held onto is coming back to bite you in the backside!

Remember that every thought you have, (negative or positive) once you make it your own, begins to draw to it its “likeness”. (We're speaking of the ones you make your own...not the fleeting ones that pass through your mind for just a moment).

Now, think of an outcome that you would like. Think how you have to be, act or say in order to attract this outcome.

The next step is easy- are you ready?

* YOU need to BE that someone. *

Let me say it again because this is really important:

* YOU need to BE that someone. *

Only then will you attract what you want by being what you want and having it attract to you. For years I dreamed of having a big beautiful house, in a neighborhood that was full of children and families. I was so consumed by the idea that I would spend my time in big beautiful homes. As a realtor, it was easy for me to make appointments to view Mansions and multi-million dollar estates.

Once in these houses, I would see my family occupying the living room and my daughters playing in the backyard.

I did this for years, each and every time knowing that the person I would need to be in order to have this house was different from the person I was just standing there. In my vision I “knew” the type of person I needed to be to have such an abundant house.

I now live in that abundant house that I dreamed of having. I manifested it and my children play in a neighborhood that is exactly what I wanted for them.

Attracting and manifesting does not come from wishing it to be true. It comes from knowing what you need to do to get there and doing it.

For the past 15 years, I have been putting these techniques into action and having the most outrageous life. I speak from experience and knowledge; you too can master your life and have everything you have ever wanted.

If you are reading this, you are a creation of my vision. Abundance is for everyone and everyone can have it. It is my vision to let anyone who wants it to know that it is possible. “There are no coincidences” and it is not a coincidence that I am showing you how to get it.

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Laura Roman Lopez
The Legacy Maker