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Welcome To Day 4 of the ‘Pathways To Power
7-Day Explosive Success Workshop!’

Day 4: 'Key To The Castle: How My Millionaire Mentor Made A Fortune'

There I was: waiting as I had done the month before, waiting to meet with my millionaire mentor for lunch.

I carefully went over my accomplishments of the past month and all the ways I had taken action.

He picked me up in a silver Mercedes Benz and we went to lunch at The Castle nearby.

We spent the time discussing many success principles, including the ones he himself implemented in order to have a thriving multi-million dollar company.

"Can you tell me the one thing you do that contributes most to your success?" I asked.

Steven Schiff, the owner of New York's largest title insurance company said this to me:

"Learn from those who have succeeded before you. Find someone who is at the top of your field and learn from their every move. If you can't meet with them, then read about their successes and failures."

That afternoon, my millionaire mentor gave me valued advice that he himself used to succeed in business.

Who do you know today that would give you time and mentor you to success?

Discovering a success principle is like the old saying, "Knowledge is Perceived Power" - Implementation of that knowledge is True Power!

You must take action; seek out someone in your field and ask them to give you an hour of their time to guide you to success. Chances are, they too were mentored by someone at the beginning of their career and they may be willing to "pass it on."

If you don't know of a mentor to turn to for an hour of guidance then do as Steven Schiff suggested: get hold of a couple of books and audio programs about great people of achievement.

Get a notebook, a pen, and take notes on their successes and failures. Read about those people in your field and learn from them that way.


The most important point is this: learn from those who have succeeded before you.


Since you're reading and implementing these success tips, I know you're committed to your success. I am also committed to helping you succeed.

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To Your Abundant Success,

Laura Roman Lopez