7-Day Explosive Success Workshop!

Welcome To Day 5 of the ‘Pathways To Power
7-Day Explosive Success Workshop!’

Day 5: Mastering the Art of Hindsight: So You Can Have Focused, Laser-Like Decision-Making That Virtually Guarantees Your Success...Again and Again

Here we are in Day 5: Have you applied some of the success principles we've shared with you so far? As your wealth attraction mentors, we hope that you've been implementing these principles and making them your own.

Our goal has been to inspire you and serve you; to help you achieve your dreams.

Today's success principle is about 'Mastering the Art of Hindsight.'

Imagine if you could benefit from hindsight.

Well Now you can.

Imagine if you had all the answers to the obstacles you face.

You will Now.

Imagine if you were able to predict your outcome.

You can Now.

How?…You ask.

You need to operate from the point of success BACKWARDS!

Ok, this is big so let me say it again:

"You need to operate from the point of Success BACKWARDS!"

If hindsight is 20/20, then give yourself the clarity that is yours for the taking.

In my early twenties, I remember a graduate professor telling his students on the first day of class that each of us had an A for the class.

All we had to do all semester long was to work hard to keep it.

This principle is based on the same idea.

Do you see how amazing that is? I walked in and I already had it.

What I wanted was ALREADY MINE.

Working with this success principle gives you clarity.

It gives you focus.

It doesn't allow you to go off on tangents.

You already know what the obstacles are and you already know how to handle them.

That's why I say it's hindsight.

Take yesterday for instance. Play back your day from evening to morning. Focus on the things that went well. What were the situations that led to positive outcomes?

Could you duplicate those efforts?

Could you predict with certainty the outcomes if you had to do it over again?

Now focus on the things that didn't work out the way you wanted them to. What were the different ways things could have gone? Play out the situation and figure out what you needed to do to be more favorable.

For tomorrow, start your day knowing exactly what your outcomes
need to be. Allow for different scenarios to occur and create game plans for those scenarios. Remember to be flexible and willing to adjust your actions accordingly so the outcome is obtained most of the time.

Now let me ask you this:

Do you want to be your own boss? To no longer have money worries?

Do you want a partner to support you and love you and grow with you?

Then do something about it right NOW!

Incorporate this success principle into your life immediately. Putting this principle into place will give you a system of creating predicable and duplicatable actions that lead to success.


"Working backwards allows you to see what exactly is necessary to accomplish the desired outcome."

Decision making is easier if you already know all the possible outcomes. Not to mention, a success mentality will align and manifest success-related events.

So here you go…

Give yourself an 'A' in success.

Now you need to maintain it!

Work daily on seeing the end result and perfect how to get there each and every time in spite of the challenges. Don’t forget you already have the answers to those challenges.

Success is inevitable if you operate from the point of success BACKWARDS!

Have an abundant day!

Laura Roman Lopez

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