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Finally! Internet Marketing Secrets That Can Make You At Least $10,000 a Month…


Going from 0 - $10K a Month Has Never Been So Easy!

Laura Roman LopezHi, I am Laura Roman Lopez, an online marketer who’s making more than just decent earnings off the internet.

I'm building an incredible legacy by empowering individuals around the world who are miserably struggling from paycheck to paycheck. I’ve helped countless people set up a business plan for success and then follow it through with the same strategies that helped me triumph over some of life’s most extreme adversities.

Believe Me… I've been where you are, I've done it, and I want to share these with YOU

As your mentor, I'll teach you every technique, tactic, strategy, and secret that I know. I'm eager to help you use these skills to launch your own business and make you acquire more riches and success than you have ever dreamed possible!

I have perfected this unique business development program which creates success with recurring profits from any internet business model

I've spent the last 12 months putting this system in place. My team and I have spent hundreds of hours market-testing this online business model - from content creation to site launch - and everything in between. And now that I have it down to an exact science …I’m giving it all away!

For a limited time, I am giving away the manual to how I made $100K in my first year as an internet marketer.

  • I'll Give you the blueprint to build your very own online business
  • I'll Share with you everything I've done to become successful
  • I'll Confide in you to put these techniques and strategies to work
  • I'll Honor you with the support needed to SUCCEED
  • I'll Offer you the team that makes it all HAPPEN

My aim is to guide you through the process of setting up a profitable Internet Business which can become your family’s primary source of income…and not just any kind of income – we’re talking about an unceasing flow of sizeable profits!

I have put together my accumulated wisdom and special online business techniques into a compelling 5-hour audio seminar series for your benefit.

With this comprehensive, step-by-step guide to launching your own profitable internet business, you can permanently do away with:

  • Worrying How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site
  • Spending a Fortune on Marketing and Link Building Campaigns
  • Resorting to Spam Tactics that  Hurt Your Reputation
  • Waiting for Expected Income that Never Arrives!

Want to Become an Internet Expert Yourself? 

There’s no need for trial and error…I‘ve done all the hard work for you!  My trademarked business development program will create success with recurring profits from any internet business model

In Just 5 Short Hours You Will Learn:

  • Where to Find Great Ideas for Your Internet Business
  • How to Establish a Lucrative Sales Process
  • How to Outsource Your way to a Successful Business Model
  • Traffic Generating Strategies: Exploring Blogs and Forums
  • Maximize Website Exposure with Affiliates and Promotions
  • How to Make First Impressions Count: Videos and Squeeze Pages are Crucial Points of Contact

Learn and apply all of the above and phenomenal internet success will be yours! Order the amazing "Giving It All Away" 5 hours series now!

But…I Also Want You to Understand This One Crucial Fact: Your Success Does Not Depend on Your Past or Present Situation


Now, you may be thinking: “Can I really do that? Is $10k a month really possible for me?”
You may have experienced one too many great pains, failures, and disappointments in the past. You may even still be going through them right now. Or you may be stuck in a rut, not knowing how you can be successful beyond your wildest dreams when you can just barely survive the day (Sure, Laura, your program sounds great, but how can I make $10k a month when I cannot even make enough to live on today?).

But I am telling you right now: it does not matter where you are right now – what matters is where you want to be. You can begin to change your life right this moment.

That seed of greatness is already in you, and I would love to help you make it grow.

Earlier I said I started off just like you. Like you, I also had my share of trials and disappointments. To give you an idea, this was my life 15 years ago:

  • As a senior in college, I found out that I had a severe learning disability that went undetected throughout my entire academic career.
  • At the age of twenty-two, two weeks after graduating from college, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • After being married to me for five years, the father of my children admitted that he was a drug addict for three of those five years and just left.
  • In 2005, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had a very painful and emotionally scarring life-saving operation.

But now, I am experiencing success, wealth and happiness beyond my imagination. This is my life now:

  • I have a Masters Degree in Education specializing in Learning Disabilities (with a 4.0 G.P.A)
  • I drive a BMW and recently bought a house worth close to a Million dollars (see the pictures below).
  • I have a successful online business that was Profitable from the First Day!
  • I mentor individuals on wealth creation strategies, success principles and manifesting Universal Laws

Look at ME Now…

My House
From a penniless single mother, I was able to buy my own dream home…
The Marina
Just one block up from my house....
a slice of heaven.
The Lake
When dreaming and reality meet...
the view is amazing!
Not even in my childhood fantasies did I dream of owning a BMW!
Everyone in this picture is an Internet Marketing multi-millionaire. You could imagine my excitement at joining the likes of my mentor Stephen Pierce, John Resse, John Carlton, Armand Morin, Greg Cesar, Chris Guerrero, Mike Filsame, Yanik Silver, Eben Pagan, Joe Polish, Dave Lakhani, T. Harv Eker, Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes. I have finally arrived!

You too, can have all the success, wealth and happiness you can ask for.

I would love to help you:

  • Conquer mind control through proven mind techniques like consciousness theory, purpose declaration, mirror conflict
  • Turn adversity into the most amazing opportunities
    Make failure and rejection stepping stones to your success
  • Tap more into your potential through my 5 personal development trademarked secrets
  • Create a realistic plan for success that will work for you! Everyone’s plan is different. You’ll learn to create yours
  • Put it all into action! I will teach you how to maximize everything you will learn.
  • Monitor your goals regularly so that you will never miss your target
  • Use proven time and business management strategies that can surely and quickly propel you to success

This way, you will not only be successful in your Internet business, but in all areas of your life. Allow me to help you grow the seed within you to a future beyond your imagination.

Success, wealth and happiness are within your reach if you just decide right now and order the amazing "Giving It All Away" Internet Series now!

And That's Not All! Now You Can Discover The "Quick Money Plan" to Start Your Internet Business

From here on, it gets even better. If setting up the capital for your internet business is quite a challenge – or if you just want an additional income stream aside from your internet business, then my program has something for you. Discover how you can earn the start up investment money for your internet business.  And, in addition to the "Quick Money Plan" this opportunity gives you:

  • Long-term Residual Income – Receive money month after month for the rest of your life, whether you like it or not!
  • Unlimited Earning Potential – Sky’s the limit! Your income only equals how far you are willing to go the distance.
  • Flexibility and Convenience – Work from the comfort of your own home at the schedule you choose!

Giving It All Away
Internet Series


Giving It All Away
5 PowerPoint Presentations

Giving It All Away
5 Audio Recordings

Giving It All Away
5 Series Workbooks

Giving It All Away
5 Series Transcripts

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Take The First Step to Personal and Financial Success!

Order the Amazing "Giving It All Away" Internet Series TODAY for only $397!

Sure, "Giving It All Away" Internet Series may be available elsewhere for free… But do you really have the time to sign up and wait for five different calls scheduled at different days and hours? 

And what if you want to review some key elements in the discussion days or even months after that?

Well, you don’t have to waste any more of your precious time!  You can listen to this 30-hour audio recording  – which is packed with countless nuggets of internet marketing and personal development wisdom – right after completing your order.  You can start changing your life as well as planning and building your own internet business right away!

And, because they have been put onto recording, and now the Internet, you can easily listen to and assimilate this wisdom while driving, taking a walk, or heading out to the cleaners.

BONUS:  Internet Business Success Workbook and "Giving It All Away" Internet Series Transcripts….

Best of all, if you purchase now, you get a free workbook worth $19.95 plus the transcripts of "Giving It All Away" Internet Series audios to help you easily get back at interesting and important points. The free workbook contains exercises, tips and strategies to quickly catapult yous to internet business success. Hurry and claim your copy of "Giving It All Away" Internet Series now! Free workbook and transcripts available only for a limited time period!

If you’re serious about changing your life right now and building your own Internet Business legacy, click the "Buy Now" button below. If you are not 100% satisfied, I will refund the full purchase price - but I know you'll be satisfied.

Right now, either of these two things may happen:

  • You order my "Giving It All Away" Internet Series and change your life into one of success and abundance – not to mention the opportunity to possibly make upto $10,000 a month!


  • You do not order my "Giving It All Away" Internet Series and go on with your life as it is right now, which could be the most expensive decision you have ever made.

The choice is yours.

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Here's to "taking control" and creating online riches!


Laura Roman lopez
Laura Roman Lopez
Wealth Creation Strategist


P.S. The product contains 5 PowerPoint Presentations, 5 MP3 audio files, 5 Workbooks and 5 Series Transcripts and are available for immediate download after payment. Don't delay! This special offer will not last forever!